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NET wants to see hundreds of "dates" occur between ensemble practitioners and co-creators across the country -- and it’s on us!  


Match Up!

- Find a person (or group) that you’d like to get to know or have a conversation with about co-creation. This could be a new friend or colleague, a local politician, and artist from another discipline, a visiting artist, etc. 

- Invite them to meet you for a beverage. NET will pick up the tab ($10/person).

- Not sure who to meet? Check out the NET member list and send a direct message. 

Meet Up!

- Talk shop and discuss ensemble practice and co-creation. Basically get to know one another! 

- Snap a selfie or take a video and post on Twitter, Instagram or the NET Facebook Group (please set your post to "public")

- Wherever you share, be sure to include the hashtag #NETdate

Pass it On!

- We want each #NETdate to result in a new #NETdate!

-Send a thank you email to your date and encourage them to set up a #NETdate of their own! 

Sample Email:

Thank you so much for going out on a #NETdate!  NET would like to extend an invitation for you to go out on one of your own!  Who do you want to have a conversation with? Go to http://www.ensembletheaters.net/ItsOnUs for more information.

Get Reimbursed! 

- As the “inviter” report on your date using this form.

- Get your money! NET will send your money via PayPal or check after we receive the completed form.


Does my date have to be a member of NET?

No! Invite anyone you would like to get to know.

Can it be a "group date"? 

Yes, invite as many people as you'd like. We are able to reimburse you for up to four (4) people for a total of $40 per "group date".

Do we have to live in the same city?

No, plan a meeting while you are traveling.

Can a #NETdate happen online?

Sure. Make it a Skype date!

Is there a cap on the number of dates I can set up?

No, set up as many dates as you'd like, but in order to keep it equitable you can only submit four (4) reimbursements per year. 

Have even more questions? Email us at: help@ensembletheaters.net



Please note: There is a limited amount of funding for this program. Reimbursement requests will be first-come first-served. We will put out a "last call" when funds are close to running out. 

This is an experiment that came out of our recent participation in the EmcArts Innovation Lab. Our findings will help us better understand how NET can activate conversations about co-creation in the biggest, broadest sense.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Nell Bang-Jensen, who everyone kept telling me I should meet, was at the NET listening tour event in Philly. We decided to have a NET date and talked about:

- how other cities incorporate social change and art, and how Philly compares

- the many, many folks across the country we have in common

- the job she has now is the same type of job I had at her age, so I told her about my experiences, and we discussed the ways we set goals, seize opportunities, and about mentorship.

- about what I do with Team Sunshine as an Audience Experience designer, and we have since hired Nell to do an event in a few months!

We are not only working together now, we are FRIENDS! And who doesn't want to work with their friends? Thank you NET for giving us a non-awkward excuse to hang out with each other. :)

PS: I know we went over budget, and don't expect you to reimburse the whole thing at all!!!!!

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