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Spring 2016 Travel Grant Recipient

Artistic leaders John Jarboe and Sally Ollove from the Bearded Ladies Cabaret (Philadelphia, PA) traveled to Berlin, Germany for a week to explore the cabaret scene with Dieter Rita Scholl as guide. They also engaged in a workshop with Scholl to explore intersections in each other’s cabaret practice.


Cabaret is a deliberately hidden art form. It developed in the seams of more established and documented arts and quickly became a place where artists could say what they could not in more established forms. Its roots are defiance, subversion, interdisciplinarity, and political charge, and the best contemporary artists embrace these tenets.

Cabaret privileges those “in the know.” Dropping into a new city for the first time, you have to nose out cabaret spaces and performers, and then follow a bread crumb of word-of-mouth from one performance to another. Perhaps this is one reason why cabaret audiences are more apt to approach strangers--you never know who has the goods on another act or another venue to check out.

Fortunately, our fellow NET folks, you have such friends in-the-know when it comes to Berlin! Here, courtesy of the Bearded Ladies Cabaret and project partner Dieter Rita Scholl, is a Google map of some venues where you can find contemporary performances (Blue) with some details about what you can find there. Dieter has performed in many of the contemporary venues listed, and most have regular calendars of acts, including touring productions of various sizes. We’ve also included, for fun, some sites of historic cabarets (Purple) for those who love a good walking tour of ephemera. We should note that Berlin is somewhat unique because picking up a copy of Siegessäeule is a good start for finding listings of likely performances and frequent cabaret haunts.

Click the image to open in Google Maps.


Bridge Markland is a German performing artist who has worked in the States a fair amount through German programs. She stages German classics in a big cardboard box. She has English and German versions of most of her work. 

Dieter Rita Scholl is a cabaret artist in Berlin. They are a brilliant guide to the scene there.  

Jewelia's salon (no website) is a must stop for anyone traveling to Berlin. She holds them from 8pm-ish on every Friday and Saturday.

You can take a walking tour through Isherwood's neighborhood with Brendan Nash and see many important historical LGBTQ sites near Nollendorfplatz. His website is also a wealth of information about German cabaret:

215-387-0350 (Office hours are generally 9-5 M-F)

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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