NET/TEN Shareback: The Berserker Residents & Sarah Sanford - 9 Bouffon Lessons

2014-15 Exchange Grant Recipients

The Berserker Residents (Philadelphia, PA) invited performer, director and teacher Sarah Sanford (Philadelphia, PA) to join the company for a two week residency at the University of the Arts to delve into the use of the Buffon, in a new piece about Philadelphia’s failing schools system and the ensembles own educational experiences.


This past April (2015) The Berserker Residents invited Sarah Sanford, an artist and graduate of École Jacques Lecoq in Paris whom we have admired for over seven years, to join us as part of our residency at the University of Arts here in Philadelphia. Together The Berserker Residents and Sarah Sanford faced our city’s growing educational crisis head on through Gaulier and Lecoq based Bouffon. Bouffon is a performance style that relishes critiquing the people and institutions that have power as well as lambasting those who set the rules for how society should function. Bouffon is a perfect weapon for slicing through the corruption and politics that mire our city. Ultimately we aimed to discover if parody, mocking and nastiness can be a force for positive change.

-The Berserker Residents


1. The Legend of Bouffon
2. What is the performance style called Bouffon
3. What are some modern examples
4. The Costume and Mask
5. An example of a Bouffon exercise (these notes were taken during Sarah’s teaching)
6. Another example of a Bouffon Exercise
7. Bouffon needs a trusting room
8. Bouffon needs a target
9. How we used Bouffon in the final performance of It’s So Learning

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ADDITIONAL LINKS: - Phillipe Gaulier’s school in Étampes, France – A performance of Bouffon at The Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance where Sarah Sanford teaches.



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Thursday, November 10, 2016

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