NET/TEN Shareback: SITI Company and Double Edge Theatre - Openness and Hospitality

2013-14 Exchange Grant Recipients

SITI Company (New York, NY) and Double Edge Theatre (Ashfield, MA) engaged in a shared inquiry about process, performance creation, ensemble evolution, pedagogy, and artistic growth. The work, including training, dialogue, public events, and documentation took place at Double Edge’s Rural/ International Farm Center in Ashfield, MA and included SITI Company members and advanced students.


The weeklong exchange between SITI Company and Double Edge Theatre was productive and enriching for all involved. This video shares some reflections from participants on what made the exchange function so beautifully, and some tips on creating a similar environment for exchange; particularly related to openness and hospitality.

NET Reporting from SITI Company on Vimeo.


Webcast by HowlRound TV

At the end of the exchange, members of both companies’ artistic leaderships participated in a discussion about making work as an ensemble. All of the participants in the exchange were in attendance, and the discussion was streamed live for a wider audience.

A blog post by Ria Samartzi, one of the artists in the SITI Conservatory who participated in the exchange.

A Facebook album of photos from our exchange.

Contact Information:

Phone: (212) 868-0860
Twitter: @siticompany

Double Edge
Phone: (413) 628-0277
Twitter: @DET_Webstream

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

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