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Spring 2015 Grant Recipient

Square Top Theatre (Spokane, WA) met with multi-media artist Wes Kline, members of Studio Matejka, and RadArt in Tromsø, Norway. The aim was to develop a multi-media, multi-format performance work that exists interdependently as a live theatrical production, as a film, and as a gallery installation.


During our work session, we explored mutual training and interdisciplinary methods of composition revolving around the shared goal of initiating work on a multimedia, genre-bending three-part performance work titled Laura, or Scenes from a Common World. The session culminated in what would become a 40-minute short film. The remaining phases of the three-part project will continue to develop through 2016.

At the conclusion of the work session, the team sat down together to discuss our process in Norway and to reflect on what we learned and accomplished during the session. The recorded discussion includes director Charles M Pepiton, multi-media artist Wes Kline, performer Alexandra Kazazou, writer Damon Falke, and movement director Daniel Han. It is moderated by Cassandra Falke. Ultimately, what we hope you’ll hear is how deeply collaborative this project was and continues to be. The team hails from four countries and traveled to one of the most northern regions of Norway for the session. The act of traveling, the particular landscape of the remote Barents region of Norway, the 24-hour sunlight of the Arctic summer, and the intimate living and working conditions during the work session all came together to deepen the relationships among the team, forge new understandings and ways of working across artistic disciplines, and to shape the project for the better.

-Square Top Theatre



Topic Times
Where did the idea for Laura come from? Who are the collaborators? 0:00-3:56
How does Norway (as a place) inform the work? 3:57-5:50
What was the creative process for Laura evolving from poetry to film? 5:51-11:02
How does the expressive physicality used in the project provide contrast to the landscape? 11:03-14:05
How do theatre and film inform each other in this work?
How was the interdisciplinary vision of this project realized?
How did the intimacy of the living and working environment affect the work? 27:22-33:53
How did each collaborator’s vision for the project change as a result of the process? 33:54-45:49
What are some logistical concerns in working with a team from around the globe?



Trailer for Laura, or Scenes from a Common World 

Laura, or Scenes from a Common World - Trailer from Square Top Theatre on Vimeo.




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Laura, or Scenes from a Common World is an official selection for AVIFF Cannes 2016 

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“On Listening: Finding Characters in Their Element” by Damon Falke 

"Laura, or Scenes from a Common World: Returns, Love, and Ovid’s Lessons of Change" by Damon Falke 


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