NET/TEN Shareback: TeAda Productions & Intermedia Arts - 5 Lessons Learned for Creating an Ensemble in 2 Cities

2013-14 Exchange Grant Recipients

TeAda Productions (Santa Monica, CA) engaged in an artistic exploration with Intermedia Arts (Minneapolis, MN) to go deeper into their prior relationship. Three artists from Intermedia Arts traveled to Los Angeles to engage with TeAda artists for two weeks in ensemble based activities to further develop the performance piece Global Taxi Driver.


TeAda Productions and Intermedia Arts have created a shareback pertaining to their NET TEN Exchange grant.  More specifically, the shareback details five lessons learned for creating an ensemble in two cities.  TeAda is located in Los Angeles and Intermedia Arts is in Minneapolis.  The show was Global Taxi Driver and the challenge was to develop the show and ensemble between these two cities.  The process was challenging but rewarding and the PowerPoint presentation shares our experiences and the lessons we learned.  We share this in the hope that other groups attempting to replicate this process will have an easier time by incorporating these five lessons.

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Excerpt of Global Taxi Driver in Minneapolis

Global Taxi Driver for NPN from Intermedia Arts on Vimeo.


Leilani Chan
Artistic Director
TeAda Productions

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

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