NET/TEN Shareback: The VORTEX - Privacy Settings and Internet Awareness for Theater Makers

2015 Fall Travel Grant Recipient

Heather Barfield of The VORTEX (Austin, TX) will travel to New York City to meet with Dylan James Amick and Julia Katz of Critical Point Theatre. During their time together they will investigate internet security protocols, CCTV, livestreaming, and hacking for implementation in mutual upcoming theatrical productions titled Privacy Settings: A Promethean Tale.


Heather Barfield of The VORTEX and Julia Katz of Critical Point Theatre provided NET with a slide presentation regarding privacy settings and internet awareness for theater makers and a narrative exploring how ensemble practitioners can embrace the spirit of hacking. 

Click to navigate the slide presentation! 

How to “hack” ensemble theatre

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Critical Point Theatre

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Monday, November 21, 2016

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