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Spring 2015 Grant Recipient

The Warehouse Project & Gallery (Summit, IL) hosted a Theatre of the Oppressed inspired joker-training with Shannon Ivey (Orangeburg, South Carolina) as the lead facilitator. The joker-training allowed the company to expand on Theatre of the Oppressed facilitation techniques they have begun to use in their work with young audiences to create positive social change.


The Warehouse Project & Gallery delivers positive social change through the arts.  The following activities were created by TWPG and are used to inspire audiences to explore issues and positively impact their own worlds and the world at large!



Activity #1: Let’s Break it Down? 

Purpose: Explore your own life on stage from a variety of perspectives; prepare to confront challenging personal decisions by first practicing in a safe, brave environment; understand the perspective of others by experiencing it on stage

Activity #2: Trigger Lines

Purpose: Explore the things make us tick; learn how to appropriately respond when we are triggered; connect personal challenges with bigger, systemic issues and begin to exam how to make positive social change

Click HERE to download the PDF!




Boal, Augusto. Theatre of the Oppressed, 1993.

Rohd, Michael. Theatre for Community, Conflict & Dialogue: The Hope is Vital Training Manual.  1998. 


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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

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