NET/TEN Shareback: Young Nation, Urban Mentor Network, This is Vallejo - Participatory Design Workshop: Making Programs and Space Work for You

2013-14 Exchange Grant Recipients 

Young Nation (Detroit, MI), the digital media and community narrative initiative of Inside Southwest Detroit, connected with This is Vallejo (Vallejo, CA) and Urban Mentor Network (Oakland, CA); initiatives from similar cities with similar missions. Leveraging a relationship formed by Young Nation with employees of Goodby, Silverstein, and Partners the three groups exchanged skills and approaches to using digital media to shape a resident-driven narrative as part of a project called, "Urban Community Narrative Exchange".


Young Nation's initiative focused on impacting urban narratives and support for local communities through sharing skills with one another and by trying to meet current needs with existing partnership assets. The initiative’s general commitment to resource sharing, community engagement in narrative building, and utilizing the arts (especially photography and other digital arts) promotes the NET approach. 

Young Nation provided NET with an outline for a 2 hour workshop intended for high school age youth, and community leaders working with high school age youth, as well as an organizational assessment template related to multi-media and digital media capacities. 

WORKSHOP OUTLINE - "Making Programs and Spaces Work for You"

This workshop is designed to share a process that can be used to support youth to engage in the design/development of the spaces and programs in their lives according to their needs.

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A search of #DBAxchange on Twitter and Instagram will bring up some live documentation of the project as it was happening. Additionally more photos will be added over time as we proceed with plans for the collaborative for the future.


Young Nation is non-profit in Southwest Detroit that promotes youth and community development through cultural and educational initiatives.

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Twitter: @insidesouthwest
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Monday, December 21, 2015

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