Our Core Values

NET is guided by the following values:


NET promotes and celebrates an infinite range of collaborative relationships among ensembles, artists, presenters, audiences, communities, and more.

Equity & Inclusion

As an organization that champions ensemble practice and collaborative creation, NET advocates for access, inclusion, and the empowered agency of multiple voices. NET’s commitment to equity and justice is rooted in a holistic vision of cultural pluralism that values diversity of place, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexuality, physical/mental/sensory dis/ability, class, national origin, religion, language, cultural heritage, age of individuals and ensembles, organizational size and structure, artistic form, and aesthetic orientation.


NET works to make its own creative and organizational processes transparent to its members and the interested public, taking advantage of public dialogue, communication media, and open artistic practices.


The processes and practices of creating ensemble theater can result in outstanding performing art and transformative community experiences. NET uses its aggregated resources to encourage excellence in the creation and presentation of ensemble work through a variety of styles, aesthetics, cultural standards, and performance vocabularies.


NET accepts the responsibility of working respectfully and effectively within a culturally diverse membership and society.

Active Engagement

NET actively seeks to engage with ensembles, artists, culture bearers, and practitioners from historically excluded and/or underserved communities.

Knowledge Building

NET understands that all ensemble projects and strategies, past and present, combine to constitute a body of knowledge. NET is committed to developing this body of knowledge, transmitting the legacy of ensemble practice and culture to current and future generations of artists, and supporting its ongoing evolution.

Please also see our Equity in Funding Statement.