NET/TEN Shareback: Albany Park Theater Project & Third Rail Projects - Building an Immersive, Site-specific Production with Youth Ensemble

2017-18 Exchange Grant Recipients

Albany Park Theater Project (Chicago, IL) partnered with Third Rail Projects (Brooklyn, NY) to continue the exchange of methodologies and collaborative creation process that previously resulted in the 2016 world premiere of Learning Curve. During Summer 2018, APTP and TRP will came together in Chicago for the first stage of devising a new, immersive, site-specific production that was created with and performed by APTP’s youth ensemble.


 Building an Immersive, Site-Specific Production with Youth Ensemble

The exchange intertwined TRP’s immersive theater practice and APTP’s ethnography-based theater practice, with the ultimate goal of a new world-premiere production, titled Port of Entry, which will premiere in 2020. This exchange was the beginning of that journey, and the Shareback provides a description on how the two companies shared their knowledge with each other—TRP artists teaching immersive and site-specific performance techniques to APTP ensemble members, and APTP ensemble members teaching how to ethically and effectively collect interviews and stories from community members.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

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