NET/TEN Shareback: ARTFARM & Bread and Puppet Theater - Arse Kicking Puppetry, Ding Dongs and the Radical Farming of Art

2012-13 Exchange Grant Recipient

Company members from ARTFARM (Middletown, CT) and Bread and Puppet Theater (West Glover, VT) came  together to share skills related to the two companies' varied approaches to new work development.


ARTFARM and Bread and Puppet Theater provided NET with a video reflecting on their exchange. The video explains specific strategies for devising and creating issue based work with community. Please use timestamps below to navigate to specific topics.

Arse Kicking Puppetry, Ding Dongs & The Radical Farming of Art


Push Sticks - 6:18
Lubberland Dance - 6:40
Grotowski-based Improvisation - 7:03
Daffodil Attack Force - 7:40
Large Scale Puppetry - 8:01
Cantastoria - 8:32






Circus Bookings, Residencies & Internships
Dic Wheeler,

Shakespeare, New Artists & Terpsichore Women’s Movement Company
Marcella Trowbridge,

119 Highland Ave.
Middletown, CT. 06457
Tel: 860.346.4390

Bread and Puppet Theater
753 Heights Rd
Glover, Vt 05839

Booking: Linda Elbow, (802) 525-1271 or

Lubberland National Dance Co. (Booking & Info) Maura Gahan, 802-525-3031 or

Bread & Puppet Museum, Elka Schumann, (802) 525-6972

Bread and Puppet Press, Elka Schumann, (802)525-6972, or Lila,

Apprenticeship, or

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Monday, July 14, 2014

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