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Fall 2016 Travel Grant Recipient

Marcella Trowbridge, Artistic Director of ARTFARM (Middletown, CT), traveled to Sri Lanka to work with artists and Sri Lankan natives, Ruwanthie de ChikeraJayampathi Guruge, and Stages Theatre Group. Together they researched and explored the development of new works in communities with minority/majority dynamics utilizing physical theater techniques that cross verbal barriers.


"I worked in Sri Lanka with the ensemble Stages Theatre Group. After our first meeting, I was added to the Stages Dropbox group and three of their Whatsapp groups; one for the larger Ensemble of performers, one for the Researchers/Interviewers and one for the Administrative Team (with overlap, in these.) The specific project we were working on is in its 3rd year and is interview–based. Part of what impressed itself upon me was how the use of this on-line tool allowed for transparency and ensemble engagement. The Dropbox Site was able to be viewed by and added to by company members. This invited engagement. It also revealed varied levels of commitment to the work... Folks basically were as much of a player in the company as they chose to invest. It seemed the site gave access, and the access invited ownership."
--Marcella Trowbridge

Download full PDF here:

"For non-techies like myself, there is also a step by step guide to setting up a Google Drive site, created by our volunteer Student Intern / Project Transcriptionist available."

Download PDF guide here:



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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

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