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NET/TEN Shareback: Sandglass Theater and Linda Parris-Bailey - Close Encounters

Sandglass Theater and Linda Parris-Bailey

NET/TEN 2018-19 Exchange

June 24, 2020

Eric Bass of Sandglass Theater (Putney, VT) and Linda Parris-Bailey (Knoxville, TN) shared and learned each other's approaches to writing, dramaturgy, puppetry, and song; they will examine how both artists stand in the moment of passing the legacy of their theaters into younger hands, while continuing to be creators of theater. The resulting project addresses both an exchange of creative practices and the act of leadership succession.

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Ensemble/Playwright Collaboration Grant: Interview

2016-17 Collaboration Grant

September 21, 2017

For the past six years, Network of Ensemble Theaters and The Playwrights’ Center(Minneapolis, MN) have partnered to support projects between NET ensemble members and members of the Playwrights' Center's Core Writer Program through the Ensemble/Playwright Collaboration Grant. One grant of $4,000 is awarded each year to support collaborative activities resulting in a final presentation.

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Park Bench Podcast Series from Past Forward, June 2017

theatre simple

August 16, 2017

Welcome to Park Bench, theater simple's mobile interview outpost and podcast. This is the first installment of our four-episode collaboration with the Network of Ensemble Theaters, focusing on the June Past Foward: 2017 NET National Gathering & Symposium.

Park Bench is a change of perspective that looks a little like a  rolling hill and arrives into an urban environment (a mall, a parking  space, or …. a National Gathering) and asks passersby to share their thoughts while sitting and observing their present situation.

Founded in the mid-1990s by a small group of ensemble theaters, NET  has grown into a vibrant national community of over 350 members,  including theater simple.

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