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Announcing the 2019-20 NET/TEN Exchange Grant Recipients

2019-20 Exchange Grant

August 30, 2020

NET is pleased to announce the 2019-20 NET/TEN Exchange Grant Recipients!

Artist's Laboratory Theatre (Rogers, AR) and Mateo Ozelotzin (Los Angeles, CA) will exchange theatre devising techniques and other methodology used to generate new work. Both collaborators come from different backgrounds of performance training, and offer each other a myriad of theatre making methods. 

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NET/TEN Shareback: Sandglass Theater and Linda Parris-Bailey - Close Encounters

Sandglass Theater and Linda Parris-Bailey

NET/TEN 2018-19 Exchange

June 24, 2020

Eric Bass of Sandglass Theater (Putney, VT) and Linda Parris-Bailey (Knoxville, TN) shared and learned each other's approaches to writing, dramaturgy, puppetry, and song; they will examine how both artists stand in the moment of passing the legacy of their theaters into younger hands, while continuing to be creators of theater. The resulting project addresses both an exchange of creative practices and the act of leadership succession.

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NET/TEN Shareback: Guardians of the Flame Maroon Society & Deidre CreativeSoul - Experimental Installation as Container for Multiple Voices and Modes of Expression

2018-19 Exchange Grant

June 24, 2020

Storytellers, singers, and musicians from Guardians of the Flame Maroon Society (New Orleans, LA) and poet, playwright, and performer Deidre R. Gantt (Washington, DC) created a performance inspired by 2019 (the 400th year since African slavery began in America), New Orleans' indigenous and Mardi Gras Indian culture, and the experience of being American in different parts of the African diaspora.

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