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Shareback: Borderlands Theater & Baktun 12

2015-16 Exchange Grant

August 01, 2017

Borderlands Theater (Tucson, AZ) collaborated with Baktun 12 (Salinas, CA) to develop and workshop a new performance piece titled, Nogales, by playwright Richard Montoya with Campo Santo (San Francisco, CA). Collaborators shared knowledge around site-specific performance, community collaboration, interview-based docu-theatre, and cross-sector partnerships with local educational, civic, and community organizations.

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Shareback: Ping Chong + Company

Fall 2015 Travel Grant

December 07, 2016

Ping Chong and Ryan Conarro of Ping Chong + Company (New York, NY) traveled to Anchorage, AK and to northwest Arctic communities to conduct interviews and documentary material about Alaskan identity and rural Arctic life. These engagements are integral to the devised work, Where the Sea Breaks Its Back.

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  • #Administrative Exchange
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Shareback: The Hinterlands

Fall 2015 Travel Grant

November 21, 2016

Liza Bielby of The Hinterlands (Detroit, MI) traveled to Chengdu, China to meet with experimental Sichuan opera playwright Xu Fen to share working practices, reflect upon their recent translation process, and to discuss and set up a framework for ongoing digital cross-disciplinary and cross-language collaboration with Xu for a new production called Enemies of the State.

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