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Shareback: Lucky Plush Productions

Fall 2016 Travel Grant

October 31, 2017

Julia Rhoads, Artistic Director of Lucky Plush Productions (Chicago, IL), traveled to Cuba for the second phase of a creative exchange with Danza Teatro Retazos(Havana) to deepen her practice-based research and approaches to the intersection of movement and dialogue. The research and foundational material developed informed the company’s next feature-length work, Rooming House.

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Shareback: Junebug Productions, 651 ARTS, and CAC

2014-15 Exchange Grant

June 10, 2016

Junebug Productions (New Orleans), 651 Arts (Brooklyn, NY) and the Contemporary Arts Center (New Orleans) developed and presented Soundtrack '63 in New Orleans. Soundtrack '63 is a live documentary focusing on the civil rights movement in 1963 featuring stories and artists from New Orleans.

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Shareback: Hartbeat Ensemble

2013 Spring Seed Grant

February 13, 2014

HartBeat Ensemble (Hartford, CT) traveled to Bangalore, India to meet with The Indian Ensemble. The ensembles explored a new way of working together on an intercultural project that investigates the cultural phenomenon of offshore outsourcing.

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