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NET/TEN Shareback: Guardians of the Flame Maroon Society & Deidre CreativeSoul - Experimental Installation as Container for Multiple Voices and Modes of Expression

2018-19 Exchange Grant

June 24, 2020

Storytellers, singers, and musicians from Guardians of the Flame Maroon Society (New Orleans, LA) and poet, playwright, and performer Deidre R. Gantt (Washington, DC) created a performance inspired by 2019 (the 400th year since African slavery began in America), New Orleans' indigenous and Mardi Gras Indian culture, and the experience of being American in different parts of the African diaspora.

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NET/TEN Shareback: Ninth Planet and Michael O'Bryan - Community Arts and Public Health: A Report

Ninth Planet and Michael O'Bryan

NET/TEN 2018-19 Exchange

June 24, 2020

Ninth Planet (Philadelphia, PA) consulted with cultural strategist and youth advocate Michael O’Bryan (Philadelphia, PA) to design a new model of community responsive programming. Using Homeworld, a performance experience for 3-to-18-month-old babies and their caregivers, they reimagined their work to extend beyond a singular artistic experience and create potential for long-lasting community building opportunities.

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NET/TEN Shareback: Swim Pony Performing Arts & Toasterlab - Storytrails Immersive Storytelling Guide

2017-18 Exchange Grant

June 23, 2020

Swim Pony Performing Arts (Philadelphia, PA) collaborated with Toasterlab (North Hollywood, CA), tech specialists in location-triggered performance, to develop Philadelphia Story Trails. Together the companies prototyped a unique mobile app that invokes the experience of immersive theater through a real-time drama delivered to audiences at specific points as they travel along the Philadelphia Circuit Trail system.

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