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NET/TEN Fall 2019 Travel Grants

Fall 2019 Travel Grant

November 12, 2019

NET is pleased to announce the Fall 2019 NET/TEN Travel Grant Recipients!

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NET/TEN Shareback: ArtSpot Productions - Sea of Common Catastrophe at The Irondale

Fall 2017 Travel Grant

August 21, 2019

Designer/ Director Jeff Becker and Composer Sean LaRocca from ArtSpot Productions (New Orleans, LA) travelled to Irondale Ensemble (Brooklyn, NY) in February 2018 to meet with community partners, offer workshops, and identify local performers and musicians to be part of ArtSpot’s production of Sea of Common Catastrophe at Irondale in June 2018.

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NET/TEN Shareback: Anisa George - Mission Hamlet

Fall 2017 Travel Grant

August 21, 2019

Anisa George (Philadelphia, PA) and the ensemble of a new work titled Mission Hamlet traveled to see three separate Gob Squad (Berlin, Germany) works performed in the USA: War and Peace; We Are Gob Squad and So Are You; and Revolution Now

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