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COLLECTIVE ACTS: Beginning with Questions

January 05, 2015

This Network of Ensemble Theaters already has a history of assembling folks together to inquire, discuss, and share in person – we want to try and find our space in cyberspace as well. This NET blog: COLLECTIVE ACTS is a conversational space, intentionally inclusive of a broad field of ensembles and the people who are working in ensembles to animate field discourse around these questions and others.

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Youth Ensemble Project: Meet-Up in the Motor City

Summer Starling, Mosaic Youth Theatre

April 15, 2014

"Hey, Everybody!"

"Are you down with (insert name here)?!"

Now,  by the end of the Meet-Up, you were definitely down with that person.  This was all due to the in-depth view and newly discovered appreciation  for other young artists that our dialogue developed.  

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Muhlisa Nazarova, EarSay Youth Voices

April 14, 2014

The day was March 22, 2014, and our wonderful group from Ear Say Youth  Voices was invited to go on a trip where we met another theater group.  We had a long way to go from Queens to Brooklyn and took three trains.  When we arrived and entered their theater, they welcomed us with open arms.

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