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Summer Trainings 2014!

March 27, 2014

Looking to for some ways to explore new techniques and methods, and get inspired this summer?  Check out these summer training opportunities.

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Member Spotlight: Applied Mechanics

February 21, 2014

Applied Mechanics
Year formed: 2009
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Number of ensemble members: 7
Person responding:
Rebecca Wright, Artistic Director

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NET Out and About!

October 23, 2013

During our last NET staff meeting we found ourselves recounting all of the events and activities the NET staff had engaged in over the past month.  We were all over the place!  So, I thought it would be interesting and beneficial to ask my fellow NET staffers—Mark, Alisha, Sabrina and Park—to sound off about what they’ve been up to lately to share with our larger NET community.

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