NET/TEN Shareback: Community Forum-Beginning to Heal through Connection


Spring 2020 Remote Connection Mini-Grants

January 25, 2021

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On Friday, January 22nd, NET hosted a Community Forum: Beginning to Heal Through Connection. As we turn towards reopening, NET is mindful of the role ensemble can and needs to play in the healing inside our own community and with broader society. We heard from a group of our Spring 2020 NET/TEN Remote Connection Mini-Grants recipients about the activities they embarked on last year and then opened up the discussion to dialogue with one another.

Featuring Remote Connections Made By Individual and Ensemble Members:
Jessica Bauman, Adam Cooper-TerĂ¡n, Duke City Repertory Theatre, Paul Flores, Honest Accomplice Theatre, Ko Festival of Performance, Last Call, Pratik Motwani, SuperGeographic Ensemble Theatre and Rowen Haigh with Women's Theatre Festival

Facilitated by Patricia Garza, NET's Director of Programs & Engagement

  • How can we start to recover from isolation?
  • Where can we focus our work towards racial justice and civic engagement healing?
  • How can we dream and inspire one another this year? What shape is our programming starting to take?



Community Forum: Beginning to Heal through Connection