NET/TEN Shareback: The Carpetbag Theatre - A Matter of Radical Pushback

Spring 2013 Seed Grant Recipient

The Carpetbag Theatre Inc. (Knoxville, TN) artists /administrators Linda Parris-Bailey and Kelle Jolly met with Junebug Productions (New Orleans, LA) artists/administrators Stephanie McKee and Kioko McCrae to continue planning a joint strategy for succession, during Junebug’s celebration of The Free Southern Theaters 50th Anniversary.


The Carpetbag Theatre Inc. provided NET with a PowerPoint presentation outlining their activities and discoveries.

Junebug’s very public reflection on Free Southern’s history through story circles, performances and panels, enabled us to clearly articulate values and practices that would remain a part of both organizations as they move forward. We acknowledged parallel experiences with fundraising, community and economic development, staff and ongoing support. We shared our struggles with the development of an effective succession strategy and discussed the foundations of a joint strategy. 

-The Carpetbag Theatre Inc. 











Story Circles

Production Photos from Speed Killed My Cousin



Linda Parris-Bailey
Executive/Artistic Director
The Carpetbag Theatre Inc.
PO Box 3184
Knoxville, TN 37927

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

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