Exchange Grants - 2012-13


TeAda Productions (Santa Monica, CA) and Pangea World Theater (Minneapolis, MN) will engage in a one-week skill-sharing exchange. The mutually beneficial exchange will focus on devised theater and community-based practices in immigrant communities.

Roadside Theater (Norton, VA) and Pregones Theater (Bronx, NY) will move into the next phase of development for their Appalachian–Puerto Rican musical Betsy.  This funding will support play development, documentation, and audience engagement

Dad’s Garage Theatre Company (Atlanta, GA) will create a network of like-minded theatres in the Southeast to share best practices and create mutually beneficial artistic, administrative, and production partnerships. Partner companies include Theatre 99 (Charleston, SC); SAK Comedy Lab (Orlando, FL); and The New Movement (New Orleans, LA).

NACL Theatre (Highland Lake, NY) and Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble (New York, NY) will perform a community engagement technique exchange during the summer of 2013 at NACL’s Catskills retreat center. The exchange will consist of a residency, community workshops, events, and a performance of Same River.

Company members from ARTFARM (Middletown, CT) and Bread and Puppet (West Glover, VT) will come together to share skills related to the two companies' varied approaches to new work development.

Teatro Jornalero Sin Fronteras of Cornerstone Theatre Company (Los Angeles, CA) and The Imaginists (Santa Rosa, CA) will collaborate to create an original performance piece together. Throughout the creation process, the groups will share methods and experiences in making theater on socially relevant themes with immigrant and day labor communities.

M.U.G.A.B.E.E. (Utica, MS) and Working Narratives (Whitesburg, KY) will collaborate on skill-sharing around artistic production, audience development, and organizational sustainability.

Single Carrot Theatre (Baltimore, MD) and Dance Exchange (Takoma Park, MD) will share best practices, approaches, and methodologies pertaining to creating performances in their respective fields of theatre and dance.

Bedlam Theatre (Minneapolis, MN) and Live Action Set (Minneapolis, MN) will present Bedlam’s annual Ten Minute Play Festival featuring interconnected works to bring audiences and performers into the streets and storefronts of Lowertown St. Paul.

Using projects currently in development, PearlDamour (New Orleans, LA) and Haymaker (Durham, NC) will spend a year creating new work, exploring audience engagement strategies, and reporting on the successes and failures of a shared dilemma: How do we address the disconnect between the art we make and the audiences we want to see it?

Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble (Portland, OR) will examine the experience of motherhood for women in the 21st century with Sojourn Theatre (Portland, OR ). A journalistic theater piece will be built from interviews with a diverse group of American and Swedish women, juxtaposing the daily experience of mothers in two countries with vastly different approaches on closing the gender gap.

The NET/TEN peer review panel for the 2013 Exchange Grants included: Gabe Maxson, Assistant Professor of Production & Design, University of San Francisco; Jacob Padrón, Associate Producer, Steppenwolf; S.T. Shimi, Artistic Director, Jump-Start Performance Co.; Shannon Turner, Manager of Programs & Services, Alternate ROOTS; Megan Wanlass, Executive Director, SITI Company.


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