MicroFest Documentation 2012-2013

How do you capture the rich experiences, discussions, learning, and reflections inspired by Detroit, Appalachia, and New Orleans and that are all part of MicroFest USA? Animating Democracy, a program of Americans for the Arts, is pleased to be partnering with NET to help with the somewhat daunting task of documenting MicroFest USA.

For each festival, we are engaging two individuals, one who is of the host community or region, and another from outside, to write about their experiences. They may be artists, activists, journalists, planners, scholars, or other. Each writer is capturing not only the stories and dialogue, but encouraged to bring his or her unique local and national perspective, knowledge, experiences, and point of view to the task and to add to the discourse.


INQUIRING – A Quest to Know
Generative questions from MicroFest: Detroit that guided the MicroFest journey
by MicroFest’s documentation editor, Pam Korza of Animating Democracy, a program of Americans for the Arts.

MicroFest Detroit Documentation

Detroit Mixtape

MicroFest Appalachia Documentation

MicroFest New Orleans Documentation

MicroFest/National Summit Honolulu Documentation

Synthesis of Learning

NET Microfests: Community, Home and Afar

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