Travel Grants - Fall 2013


L.M. Bogad (Berkeley, CA) will meet with Maurice Turner of M.U.G.A.B.E.E. (Utica, MS) to develop and rehearse a social-justice and climate-disaster themed musical performance art piece.  This piece will fuse Maurice's virtuosic musical and storytelling skills with Bogad's strange and clownish Economusic project, in which he converts economic data into neoDadaist music. 

Hand2Mouth Theatre (Portland, OR) and Chop Theatre (Vancouver, Canada) will undertake a Pacific Northwest and international theatre exchange; first H2M members will travel to Vancouver to witness The Chop’s work. Then The Chop travels to Portland, and H2M hosts an intensive working-methods share, culminating in both groups co-leading a workshop for next generation of Oregon theatre devisers.

The Hinterlands (Detroit, MI) will host Double Edge Theatre (Ashfield, MA) for a series of training exchanges with their ensemble and their collaborators, as well as discussion with local artists and residents on place-based, sustainable artmaking. The purpose of the exchange is to examine parallels between rural and urban modes of working, serving as the first of many rural/urban exchanges.

Prumsodun Ok (Long Beach, CA) will seek guidance from Claudio Valdés Kuri (Mexico City, Mexico) on establishing and maintaining a company through one-on-one conversation, rehearsal observation, and artistic exchange.  Prumsodun will provide choreographic advice for Valdés Kuri’s LIFE IS A DREAM while exploring Mexico City’s artistic community, laying foundation for future collaborations and performance opportunities.

The Theater Offensive (Boston, MA) will visit New Orleans to meet with the leadership of the New Orleans Queer Youth Theater Project (New Orleans, LA), engage in rehearsals, exchange methodology, and network with the youth. TTO will also meet with the three leaders of the project at their respective organizations to discuss the following: Youth Organizing, Grassroot Artistic Values, and Neighborhood Organizing.

theater simple (Seattle, WA) and multi story theatre (Barnstaple, England), two similarly established generative companies in the US and UK, will have a three-day 'Play-and-Plot' date in Barnstaple, Devon, England in February 2014, to explore creative tactics & techniques. They will also discuss administrative and international touring realities, and the potential to create and develop a new piece together

Denise Uyehara (Tuscon, AZ) will conduct a series of meetings between her ensemble and five Indigenous artists to discuss with the question: How would our lives be different if Indian scientists built a time machine and went back to 1492 to shoot Columbus? This dialogue is crucial to developing the performance, Shooting Columbus. Meetings will take place in Tucson and Phoenix and the workshop and discussion will be at ASU School of Theater, Tempe, AZ.

WaxFactory (New York, NY) founder Ivan Talijancic and core ensemble member Gillian Chadsey will travel to Mendoza, Argentina. Hosted by I [heart] MENDOZA founder Ivana Catanese over a 10-day period, WaxFactory members will engage in a series of exchange activities including performance training, shared practices in rehearsal and roundtable discussions on ensemble theatre making in US and Argentina.

The NET/TEN 2013 Fall Travel Grants peer review panel included: Maria Bauman, Associate Artistic Director, Urban Bush Women (Brooklyn, NY); Karen Farber, Executive Director of the University of Houston Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts (Houston, TX); Chi-wang Yang, Founding member of Cloud Eye Control (Los Angeles, CA).

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