NET/TEN Shareback: Dan Froot - Outside of Outreach

2014 Fall Travel Grant Recipient

Dan Froot (Los Angeles, CA) led oral history methodology workshops for artists in Cedar Rapids and Miami. Workshoppers were invited to participate in creating book-length oral histories of local food-insecure families, on which a triptych of live radio plays will be based.


This is a short video in which I meditate on aspects of residency work that fall outside the domain of “outreach activities,” but influence the quality of engagement with the community and the artwork itself. Where artists sleep and eat while on residencies, and what we do on our unscheduled time, can be both personally restorative and artistically productive. 

-Dan Froot

Dan Froot's NET-TEN shareback 2015 from Dan Froot on Vimeo.


Palm Bay Marina, Miami, FL

New Bohemia neighborhood of Cedar Rapids IA


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Friday, June 26, 2015

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