NET/TEN Shareback: Double Edge Theatre & The Hinterlands - Discussing Artistic Political Resistance

2016-17 Exchange Grant Recipient

Double Edge Theatre (Ashfield, MA) and The Hinterlands (Detroit, MI) convened a national consortium of ensemble-based training companies including Q-Staff, Mondo Bizarro, Charlestown Working Theatre, and SITI Company. This convening explored strengths, challenges, and best practices unique to the operation of an ensemble theatre, with the intention of field-wide impact.


The recording captures a dialogue between Double Edge Theatre Co-Artistic Director Carlos Uriona and The Hinterlands Co-Artistic Director Richard Newman about the cross-generational tradition of artistic political resistance that emerged during the Consortium convening. In it we attempt to address a few of the salient points that arose during the project.



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Friday, February 15, 2019

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