Schedule Detail - BREAK/through 2022

Times are listed in Eastern Time Zone; programming subject to change

TO ATTEND IN PERSON: Neighborhood House, 20 N American St, Philadelphia, PA 19106
TO ATTEND ONLINE: HowlRound / Zoom (register to receive session links and instructions)

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Meeting the Moment: A Workshop on Regenerativity and Freedom Dreaming
Philly & Online (active onsite/Zoom main room & HowlRound livestream)
Rad Pereira and Jan Cohen-Cruz
Facilitators Rad Pereira and Jan Cohen-Cruz are co-authors of Meeting the Moment: Socially Engaged Performance 1965-2020 By Those Who Lived It, which New Village Press released in June. This workshop grew out of insights from the 75 diverse socially engaged artists who Rad and Jan interviewed. Rad and Jan span forty years in age and identify differently in relationship to nationality, gender, and race.

Freedom Dreaming, which is rooted in a long tradition of Black radical thought and action, invites us to create the world we dream of by first, identifying steps we have already taken; second, visualizing the future we want to live in, and third, determining the actions that might lead us there. In this participatory session, with a spirit of joy, Rad and Jan will utilize six elements that artists they interviewed identified as key to regenerativity: embracing your calling; choosing where to live to carry it out; finding community; learning to communicate about your work beyond your immediate circle; having representation in relevant policy decisions; and making a living. The workshop emphasizes regenerativity, rather than sustainability, which implies thriving not just surviving.  

Our BREAK/through programming kicks off with this process of collectively imagining how we want to move forward, which will inform our full-circle journey throughout the day and culminate in a closing Town Hall session.

Take a BREAK: #NETdate Meet-Ups OR Connector Orientation Session
Offsite Philly & Online (active Zoom breakout rooms)

Whether you’re taking a Lunch BREAK in Philadelphia or elsewhere out east – or joining from time zones further west and just settling in for BREAKfast or a coffee BREAK – come connect over a #NETdate!  Join up with other NET members and BREAK/through attendees for small group or one-on-one #NETdate meet-ups, either out on the town together in Philly, or from around the country in Zoom breakout rooms.

Choose how you’d like to engage:

OPTION A: Connector #NETdate Meet-Ups – Advance Sign-Up
Offsite Philly & Zoom breakouts; includes #NETdateOnUs stipend
Use Connector, NET’s new mobile app, to coordinate your #NETdate in advance around a particular topic or shared interest – and have NET pick up the tab! Select this option while registering, then follow these steps to arrange your #NETdate and receive a #NETdateOnUs reimbursement ($10/pp online; $20/pp in Philadelphia).

OPTION B: Drop-In #NETdate Meet-Ups
Offsite Philly & Zoom breakouts; no stipend provided
Skip the pre-planning and join a drop-in #NETdate meet-up. Select this option while registering, and NET will match you up with one or more colleagues for open conversation and general networking.

OPTION C: What’s Connector? – Orientation Session
Zoom breakout only; includes #NETdateOnUs stipend
What’s Connector, you say? Join NET Board Secretary Carrie J. Cole to learn about this artist-empowering, resource-sharing digital hub for the NET community. When registering, select this option for the online orientation session; attendees will receive a #NETdateOnUs stipend ($10/pp) to cover your break-time noshing.

Inspiration On-Demand: Godfrey L. Simmons, Jr. in Conversation with Rhodessa Jones
Philly & Online (onsite & HowlRound livestream)  - ASL & Closed Captions

NET’s popular Inspiration On-Demand: Creators In Conversation series returns with this live discussion about making work, and a life in the work, over decades. 

Join NET Board member Godfrey L. Simmons, Jr. (Artistic Director, HartBeat Ensemble, Hartford, CT) and the legendary San Francisco–based Rhodessa Jones (Co-Artistic Director, Cultural Odyssey; Director, The Medea Project - Theater for Incarcerated Women) -- who’s recently arrived in Philadelphia as a year-long Pew Fellow-in-Residence -- for this deep-diving conversation exploring sources of inspiration, acts of resilience and resistance, and what it means to build with and for community, over time. A Q&A session will follow, open to both online and in-person attendees.

BREAK Down → BREAK Out → BREAK Free: a Community Experiment
Philly & Online (active onsite/Zoom main & breakout rooms)

An experiment in hybrid, art-based connection and community building, we’ll move through participatory small-group experiences into an open town hall to co-create communal space for shared reflection, gratitude, grief, rage, rants, rejuvenation, joy, play, and celebration.

MC/Joker: Siobhan O'Laughlin

3:00 - 3:10pm
Welcome to the BREAK Down: Intros & Overview
Philly & Online (active onsite/Zoom main room)

3:10 - 5:00pm
BREAK Out: Participatory Small-Group Experiences
(with Dance BREAKS!)
Philly & Online (active onsite/Zoom breakout rooms) - hybrid cross-participation

3:10 - 3:40     Go to Your Room!
3:40 - 3:45     Dance BREAK
3:45 - 4:15     Go to Your (2nd) Room!
4:15 - 4:20     Dance BREAK
4:20 - 4:50     Go to Your (3rd) Room!
4:50 - 5:00     Dance BREAK - Extended Play

Attendees will be split into 3 small hybrid groups (including both onsite & Zoom-based participants); each group will cycle through all 3 BREAK Out experiences:

Care (About Each Other) Package with Obvious Agency's Daniel Park
Philly [in Theater] & Zoom [in GREEN Breakout Room]

Participants will play Keep Your Friends Close by Charlotte Vorobei Thieves, the only game that brings you from hate to love and right back to hate again. Keep your Friends Close was created as part of Obvious Agency's Care (About Each Other) Package, a CSA box filled with tiny, beautiful, interactive performances crafted with care by their favorite Philadelphia artists. Copies of Care (About Each Other) Package will also be available for purchase.
At the Intersection of Viewpoints, Clown, and Pleasure Activism with Elizabeth Colón Nelson
Philly [in Harding Room] & Zoom [in BLUE Breakout Room]

As the world is burning, politics infringes on basic human rights, the thought of moving and finding joy, even creating art feels heavy. Yet, Audre Lorde reminds us, “Tomorrow belongs to those of us who conceive of it as belonging to everyone; who lend the best of ourselves to it, and with joy.”  

So, in this time of change and upheaval, meet me at the intersections of Viewpoints, Clown, and Pleasure Activism where we will explore through a physical dialogue what observations move us, bring us pleasure and help us find the joy necessary to create and imagine in this moment while building towards tomorrow.

*I have been given approval by adrienne maree brown to explore her work and will be sharing a portion of the honorarium with the Emergent Strategies Ideation Institute.

>>BREAK Out - RED:
authentic movement ~ journaling with the bodymind ~ embodied anarchy with Rose Kim
Philly [in Lobby] & Zoom [in RED Breakout Room]

Session leader Rose Kim offers the following description of this mini-workshop:

Journaling is like taking a personal account of ourselves. Like journaling, theater has a way of accounting for its society. Often when performing in theater, I experience a level of high stakes that creates a tension between my body and mind. I find my processing is always also in tension with its commodification.

There are at least two sides to performance making. There is a concern for the ontology of performance, the meaning-making of the show presented, and a choice to the embodiment process of the performance, how the performer enacts said embodiment. All performance making is influenced by the artists’ meaning-making (or lack thereof) plus the material realities of the personal-political performing bodys in process. Unfortunately, what we know to be normal is a bconstructed hierarchy prioritizing the cerebral over the corporeal; the conceptual theory over the material reality.

I invite you today to practice with me the libidinal economy of mutual drive using authentic movement with ourselves. In this session you are invited to come as you are! We will begin with imaginary sensory prompts for you to sensitize to our breath and present body and mind. I will make offerings to encourage following your impulses and your breath and your felt senses to create spontaneous movement. Dare we say, moving authentically! Then we will practice it all together in an authentic movement circle, in which participants are invited to both Witness and Be Witnessed.

I first learned this practice of moving "authentically" through working with Irish movement artist Tara Brandel whose dance company works with a diverse range of people’s physical able-bodied/dis-abled-bodiedness. I find this practice useful to help reconcile the modern body/mind separation and inspire more languages of autonomy that can be accessible to people living in a realistic range of physical able-bodied/dis-able-bodiedness. This range is our reality but discrimination against people who are not as physically able-bodied in theatre and entertainment institutions persists in spite of it. This is a direct consequence of the signature amerikkkan systematic lack of material understanding due to the glorification of its political economic social constructs / concepts.

My hope is each person's time with this corporeal strategy gardens a more experienced  understanding of how tension between body and mind can be reorganized into a mutual drive, a mutual direct and follow with no designated directing or following fixture. A generative anarchy in the bodymind, and like anarchic systems, how alternative ways to Be exist, and how other languages Exist to facilitate the revolution. This offering is to equip you in our continued divestment from kkkkolonial logics and systems.

5:00 - 6:00pm
BREAK Free: Community Forum & Closing
Philly & Online (active onsite/Zoom main room) - hybrid cross-participation - ASL & Closed Captions
Closing out our day with this hybrid interactive town-hall-style community forum, we’ll share our small group experiences, recap the day’s shared wisdom, explore current and future priorities and resource-sharing opportunities, and imagine where we go from here. How might we dream, scheme, co-create, and manifest together for ongoing community care, mutual support, and joyful inspiration?

MC/Joker: Siobhan O'Laughlin
Facilitators:  Todd London,  Daniel Park, Leslie Tamaribuchi

COVID Safety Protocols: 

In the spirit of collective care, we ask those attending the event in person to share our commitment to protecting the most vulnerable members of our community. All in-person attendees and presenters will be required to be fully vaccinated (and present a vaccination card for entry), and to wear a mask throughout the event while indoors. Presenters may remove their masks while actively speaking, if they are able to remain physically distanced from all other presenters and attendees.

We strongly encourage all in-person presenters and attendees to self-test for Covid on the morning of Monday July 25 before coming to the event venue, and ask that you shift to joining us online instead of onsite if you receive a positive result, are feeling under the weather, or have experienced a recent Covid exposure. NET will have KN95 masks and a limited number of Covid tests available at the door for attendees’ use as needed.



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