The first in our EMFUSA2020 series took place in early January 2020 in New York City. See below for information on NYC programming, click here for a photo essay about the event, and read more about future events here!


From Intention to Action:
 Devising Tangible Steps for Equitable Ensembles

Friday January 10 | 4:30-6:30pm
La MaMa’s Great Jones Studios
 47 Great Jones Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10012

In this devising space, we utilize the practices of intention, action, and even failure within a peer-learning-circle context to explore cultural equity questions: How do we move our ensemble practice from intentions connected to a single project/production to a longer term set of practices (actions) that manifest more equitable outcomes for artists? How are ensembles challenging our own companies, the ensemble field, and the NET community to move forward toward equity, justice, and collective liberation? How are historically or majority white ensembles addressing systemic inequities or incorporating anti-racism, anti-oppression, and EDI practice in our creative work, and our organizations…and what new and unexpected challenges are we finding as we do? How are ensemble values and co-creation practices a model or guide in these efforts? Together we hear from a few invited ensembles about their successful steps (as well as mis-steps and blunders), then open the discussion for participants to share stories, questions, tools, strategies, and resources that move us into action.

Facilitators: Claudia Alick (NET Board Co-President; Calling Up Justice) & Alison De La Cruz (NET Board Member; Japanese American Cultural & Community Center).

Words to the Devised:
 Legal Strategies for (Co?)Authors of Devised Theatre

Saturday January 11 | 1:00-2:30pm
La MaMa’s Great Jones Studios
 47 Great Jones Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10012

Theatre has always been a collaborative process. But what happens when the collaboration expands beyond our traditional definitions? What happens when there are not one or two authors, but five or ten?  How can we best honor contributions of non-authorial contributors within a devised process?  Who is in control? What is there to be control of? How can we assure proper compensation and credit to all of the life of a work created collectively?  These questions have been at the center of a conversation for several years at the Dramatists Guild, where, with a committee of veteran devisers, we have created a Devised Theatre Resource Manual, as well as model agreements.

Please join Dramatists Guild Director of Business Affairs, Deborah Murad, Esq. and Todd London, the Guild’s Director of Theatre Relations (and NET Board Member) for a conversation on the many ways to clarify roles and issues of ownership for devisers and ensembles.

From DIY to DIT: Peer Presenting and Artist-to-Artist Touring, Residencies, and Resource Sharing

Saturday, January 11 | 3:00-5:00pm
La Mama's Great Jones Studios
47 Great Jones Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10012

Join us for an interactive exploration of tools, resources, and successful models for peer-based touring and residency exchanges that empower ensembles and artists to host, present, and share with each other.. The session will have three components. We’ll start with a look at Connector, a new mobile app designed by NET to support artist-to-artist U.S. tours and residencies by matching up NET member artists/companies to make connections, host, and exchange with each other. In the spirit of “ensemble dating app meets AirBnB,” Connector aims to level the playing field and increase artists’ agency by putting opportunities literally in the palm of your hand using a community-based model that prioritizes generosity, relationships, and paid/trade/in-kind resource sharing. We’ll then hear from a few companies with experience as peer artist-presenters or as peer-hosted touring artists, about the added benefits, special considerations, and challenges they've experienced with this type of artist-to-artist, DIY turned DIT (Do It Together) touring/residency model. The session will then open up to a facilitated discussion for all attendees to share their own experiences, ask questions of each other and the panel, and brainstorm possibilities and connections.

Facilitator: Lisa Mount (NET Board Member; Artistic Logistics).

Connector Presenters: Claudia Alick (NET Board Co-President; Calling Up Justice) & Hannah Fenlon (NET Producing & Engagement Consultant).