NET/TEN Shareback: Dan Froot - Using Prezi to Communicate with Partners

2014 Spring Travel Grant Recipient

Dan Froot  (Los Angeles, CA) shared concepts for a new work about families living with food insecurity with Miami Light Project (Miami, FL) and Legion Arts (Cedar Rapids, IA). He also met with local artists and social service agencies in each location to discuss ways in which they might participate in the project.


This presentation demonstrates how we used Prezi to describe the many layers of our project to a variety of potential partners in locations around the country. We hope that it might help other artists to conceptualize ways of communicating their own work to both lay people and collaborators.

-Dan Froot


Cedar Rapids processes more grain than any other city in the world, and yet it is rife with food deserts.

A panorama view of CSPS Hall, home of Legion Arts in Cedar Rapids IA. Legion Arts bought the building a few years back and led the way to the revitalization of “New Bohemia,” a poor neighborhood devastated by 2008’s flood.


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Thursday, March 12, 2015

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