Gathering Schedule

Camp Winnebago (Fayette, ME)

** = to be livestreamed (contingent on tech capacity of specific locations)
Note: schedule is not yet finalized, activities and times may change prior to event.


12:00pm  Airport shuttle van pickups begin

2:00pm  Registration/check-in open

5:30pm   Happy Hour (Arts & Crafts Building)

6:30pm   Welcome & Dinner (Dining Hall)

8:00pm    **Performance (Lodge)

Society of Civil Discourse 

9:30pm     Bonfire & Stargazing


7:00am  Reveille

7:10am  Early Riser Option – Morning Meditation & Movement Mania (Lakeside)
              Leader: Marcella Trowbridge, Artistic Director, ARTFARM 
8:00am  Breakfast & Morning News (Dining Hall)

9:00am  **Opening Remarks (Lodge)

Laurie McCants, NET Board Co-President & Ensemble Member, 
August Schulenburg, NET Board Co-President & Creative Partner,
Alisha Tonsic, Network of Ensemble Theaters

9:45am  Open Space #1 Sessions – choose one (various locations)

To will be proposed by attendees on Friday evening;
session options and locations will be posted at the Lodge during Breakfast.

11:15am   Break
11:30am  **Plenary: Panel & Roundtable Discussion (Lodge)

  NET Happens Now: Stories & Sharebacks from NET/TEN
   Presenter:  Park Cofield, NET Staff & guests

12:45pm  Break

1:00pm  Lunch (Dining Hall)

2:30pm  **Plenary: Artists Learning Exchange (Lodge)

NET Happens Now: Field Advocacy & Cultural Policy
Cristine Davis, General Manager, Performing Arts Alliance;
Mark Valdez, NET Staff

3:30pm  Break

3:45pm  Workshops – choose one (various locations, all TBD)

Money Play: Bringing Class Stories Into the Room and Onto the Stage
Leader: Will MacAdams, community-based playwright/director

For many, class is both invisible and present at an almost-cellular level, often simultaneously.  This workshop aims to share just a little of what we see and what we don’t, with the hope of deepening our collective vision. Over the course of the past several years, session leader Will MacAdams has undertaken personal writing and three ensemble-created plays about class: one at City College’s Center for Worker Education and two at Hampshire College. The goals were to give space for unspoken (or unheard) conversations about class; to explore the intersections between class and other aspects of our identities, especially race; to listen generously, with room for anger and the many emotions that the subject surfaces; and to do all of this with bold theatrical language and our craft as artists at the center. This workshop will reflect on these experiences: questions that MacAdams and his students asked in the process, most of which were unanswered; stories about the processes, particularly the many times they fell short and what was learned; and written pieces from the most recent production (Money Play). Workshop participants will have time to do some of their own writing about class, with an opportunity for group sharing at the end of the session.

Open Training with Double Edge Theatre & Mondo Bizarro
Leaders: Matthew Glassman, Double Edge; Nick Slie, Mondo Bizarro

Using training methodologies of both Double Edge and Mondo Bizarro, Glassman and Slie will co-lead a an introduction to their ensemble’s approach to physical-imaginative group training. We will work on lightness, awareness, and physical improvisation. Perhaps other surprises.

Creating Collaborations Across Disciplines with Disparate Communities
Leader: Judith Sloan, EarSay
This workshop will feature the practical aspects of creating cross-disciplinary work between disparate groups that includes theatre, books, radio, and web, based in storytelling and oral history. Sloan will share materials and tools for planning, implementing and documenting work with disparate communities based on her collaborative work with Crossing the BLVD (a multimedia project based on new immigrants and refugees), on EarSay Youth Voices, and new works in collaboration with prison reform activists. Currently Sloan is building partnerships with organizations in Maine that are dealing with issues of incarceration and education from the Restorative Justice Project to George Stevens Academy to WERU community radio in Hancock County, Maine. Other projects discussed include work in New York in Queens with immigrant youth and college students, as well as integrating oral history, archival research, and poetry into a symphonic piece. Workshop participants will have a chance to participate/rehearse for a performance on Sunday with an excerpt of a multi-voiced piece, written by Sloan, 1001 Voices. Rehearsal will take place in the latter part of the workshop. Non-workshop participants who want to be part of the performance can sign up to join the rehearsal for the Sunday performance. People who speak other languages, Arabic, Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, etc. are encouraged to particpate. 1001 Voices is written for multiple voices, and multiple languages that are performed live or with recordings.
LISTEN TO August 11th, Main Public Radio story about Sloan's work:

5:45pm  Break

6:30pm  Evening News & Dinner – Lobster & Veggie Bake (Dining Hall)

8:00pm  **Performance (Lodge)

The Moment of YES!Bandelion & Theater Grottesco

9:00pm     Open Mic Night (Lodge)

        Claudia Alick, NET Board Member & Associate Producer, Oregon Shakespeare Festival


7:00am  Reveille

7:10am  Early Riser Option – Yoga and Contemplative Movement (Lakeside)
              Leader: Cynthia Ling Lee, NET Board Member & Ensemble Member, Post Natyam Collective

8:00am  Breakfast & Morning News (Dining Hall)

9:15am  Open Space #2 Sessions – choose one (various locations TBD)

To be proposed by attendees on Friday & Saturday;
session options and locations will be posted at the Lodge during Breakfast

10:45am  Break

11:15am  Performances

Choose one program (both will be repeated at 12:15pm) 

**Program A (Lodge):

Industrious Angels, Laurie McCants of Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble
(10-minute excerpt)

Cross-Cultural Stories in Performance
excerpts from various pieces: YO MISS and 1001 VoicesJudith Sloan, EarSay + guests
(20-minute excerpt)

Program B (Outdoor location TBD):

The Harrowing, A Host of People (30-minute excerpt)

11:45pm  Break

12:15pm  Performances – choose one program

Program A (Lodge):

Industrious Angels

Laurie McCants of Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble
(10-minute excerpt)

Cross-Cultural Stories in Performance
excerpts from various pieces: YO MISS and 1001 Voices
Judith Sloan, EarSay + guests
(20-minute excerpt)

**Program B (Outdoor location TBD, LIvestream subject to availability):

The Harrowing, A Host of People (30-minute excerpt)

12:45pm  Break

1:00pm  Lunch (Dining Hall)

2:00pm   **Artist Talkbacks – choose one (various locations TBD)  

Team Sunshine
Bandelion & Theater Grottesco
Laurie McCants /Judith Sloan
A Host of People

3:15pm  **Plenary (Lodge)

NET Happens New: Co-Creating NET 2.0

Here & There & Everywhere:
Animating Collective Action in 3 Places, 10 Places & All the Places
Presenter: Sherrine Azab, NET Staff

Here & Now & New (& You!):
Crowdsourcing Community Change
Alisha Tonsic, NET Staff;
Lisa Mount, NET Board Member & Director, Artistic Logistics

5:45pm  Option A: Break for lake swims, disco naps, self-guided adventures, etc.
               Option B: Happy Hour (Waterfront: Arts & Crafts Building)

6:30pm  Evening News & Dinner

8:00pm  **Celebration of Mark Valdez (Lodge)

9:00pm  Closing Bonfire


7:00am  Reveille

8:00am  Closing Remarks & Breakfast (Dining Hall)

9:00am  Shuttle van departures begin for drop-offs at airport & train/bus stations

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