About the Program


“NET links a diverse array of ensembles and practitioners to one another and the performing arts field, encouraging collaborations and knowledge building/dissemination.” -- NET Mission Statement

The NET Travel & Exchange Network (NET/TEN) prioritizes relationship building and knowledge sharing. The grants are intended to create new opportunities for reciprocal exchanges with peers and colleagues to share information, techniques, inspiration, expertise, and performances among ensembles to strengthen the work of individual ensembles and the field as a whole. NET/TEN grants encourage open-ended explorations without the pressure of finished products or projects; they are designed to be flexible and to support a wide range of activities.

NET/TEN Goals:

  • Build the field by strengthening existing relationships and initiating new ones;
  • Increase ensembles’ capacity to host and travel;
  • Support artistic and administrative development;
  • Increase the financial well-being of ensembles;
  • Create a library of resources to share with the field;
  • Expand cross-sector and cross-discipline partnerships (i.e. collaborations with those outside the arts, or from arts disciplines or genres beyond your own);
  • Address systemic inequities by supporting a diverse range of grantees, projects, and activities that align with NET’s values of justice, equity and inclusion (see Equity in Funding Statement).


How NET/TEN Programs Interrelate:



The NET/TEN program is supported in 2019-2020 by lead funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.


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