Ensemble/Playwright Collaboration Grant

NET and the Playwrights’ Center are delighted to continue our partnership in support of collaborations between NET members in the Ensemble category and members of the Playwrights' Center's Core Writers Program.

Now in its 10th year in FY20, the jointly offered Ensemble/Playwright Collaboration Grant awards one $4,000 grant annually.

The goal of the activities is creative exchange between a NET ensemble and a Playwrights' Center playwright; grant funds can be used to support commissions, travel, artist fees, and other related expenses. Competitive applications will discuss mutual benefits and interests, what the playwright and ensemble hope to learn from one another, and project details.


Open to NET members in the Ensemble category, and members of the Playwrights' Center's Core Writers Program.


The multi-step application process happens annually in the Spring.  Please check back early in 2020 for the Spring 2020 deadline dates.


Check out the archival recording and slideshow from last year's March 20, 2019 information session with staff members from NET and the Playwrights' Center to learn more about the Ensemble/Playwright Collaboration Grant.

A new information session will be scheduled for Spring 2020 at the start of the next application cycle.


See Past Recipients for examples of prior funded collaborations.

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