Continuation Grants - Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria

Grants are awarded based on the quality of the exchange, the depth of knowledge sharing, and the overall benefit to the ensemble field.

Through this lens, a peer panel will select grantees based on:

  • Clear articulation of project goals and anticipated outcomes with criteria for success;
  • Evidence that the proposed activities will expand and continue a relationship from a previously funded Exchange Grant;
  • Project feasibility, i.e. scope, schedule, budget (including demonstrated consideration of how artists’ time and contributions will be recognized/compensated);
  • Opportunity for the applicants to advance processes and practices which will strengthen their art-making, increase their competency for travel-based exchanges/tours, or expand their capacity to function as hosts/presenters for performance;
  • Potential to share learning with other artists, ensembles, and/or the field through documentation;
  • Demonstration of thoughtful anti-oppression and EDI practices, or progress toward them, in alignment with NET’s values of justice, equity, and inclusion (see Equity in Funding Statement).

All selection criteria receive equal weight during the review process.

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