Exchange Grants - 2017-18


Albany Park Theater Project (Chicago, IL) will partner with Third Rail Projects (Brooklyn, NY) to continue the exchange of methodologies and collaborative creation process that previously resulted in the 2016 world premiere of Learning Curve. During Summer 2018, APTP and TRP will come together in Chicago for the first stage of devising a new, immersive, site-specific production to be created with and performed by APTP’s youth ensemble.

Artistic Directors Teo Castellanos of The Combat Hippies (Miami, FL) and Andrea Assaf of Art2Action (Tampa, FL) will share pedagogy about the role of artists as activists. The companies will exchange personal experiences and best practices for creating artwork about the nature and impact of war on both US military veterans and Middle Eastern refugees. This work will inform AMAL, a spoken word–based ensemble theatre piece that explores how war impacts combatants as well as war refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants from the Middle East.

En Garde Arts (New York, NY) and the Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics at Georgetown University (Washington, D.C.) will develop ROAD TRIP, a traveling outdoor performance on a flatbed truck relating stories of Syrian refugees' experiences through live theater, music, and food. The inclusive community-centered events will be built around a shared meal from a food truck and be performed in parking lots across the country.

Mondo Bizarro (New Orleans, LA) and Cleveland Public Theatre (Cleveland, OH) will participate in an exchange in New Orleans including a three-night presentation of CPT’s Red Ash Mosaic, two days of training, and a half-day symposium with local artists. All activities will take place at the performance laboratory Catapult, Mondo Bizarro’s shared creative home.
Notch Theatre Company (New York, NY) and Delta Cultural Center (Helena, AR) will partner on the first residency for Remember2019, an ensemble project created to reflect on and respond to the history of lynching in America. In a series of six artistic residencies over the next six years, Black cultural workers in the Arkansas Delta will create performances around topics of self-determination, memory, and reflection as related to the mass lynching of 1919. Titled The Cut Up Spot, the residency will gather local blues musicians to collect stories and create performance around the question: where’s hope in the Blues?    

Open Flame Theatre (Minneapolis, MN) will visit Clear Creek Creative (Big Hill, KY) for a residency to share training practices and research methods, work on the Clear Creek land and gardens, cultivate relationships with local musicians and farmers, and share a performance of Open Flame’s The Wastelands and Clear Creek Creative’s Ezell, a work-in-progress.

Ninth Planet (Philadelphia, PA) will partner with performer/writer/director Brandi Burgess (Philadelphia, PA) to develop a queer fairytale with music inspired by the enchanting young adult fiction of Francesca Lia Block. Together they will co-author the first draft of a script, combining their voices to create a performance that radically normalizes the many different ways we love.

Su Teatro (Denver, CO) and SOURCE Theatre Company (Denver, CO) will gather local and national theater and performing artists of color to share rehearsals and performances, and to exchange performance techniques, methodologies, and training exercises. The event will also include workshops and panel discussions for attendees to share experiences around board/staffing structures, succession planning and financial planning.

Swim Pony Performing Arts (Philadelphia, PA) will collaborate with Toasterlab (North Hollywood, CA), tech specialists in location-triggered performance, to develop Philadelphia Story Trails. Together the companies will prototype a unique mobile app that invokes the experience of immersive theater through a real-time drama delivered to audiences at specific points as they travel along the Philadelphia Circuit Trail system.

TAPIT/new works (Madison, WI) will engage in a series of theater and movement workshops with St. Mary’s Care Center (Madison, WI) and Verona School District’s 18-21 Year Old Transition Program (Madison, WI) in order to create a multimedia theater work titled Our Stories, Our Process. This process refines and expands TAPIT/new works’ model for community-based artmaking with social services partners. The work concludes with a performance featuring an inter-generational cast of participants, including skilled nursing facility residents and youth with disabilities.

The peer panelists for the 2017-18 NET/TEN Exchange Grants included: Maya Choldin, Managing Director, Pig Iron Theatre Company (Philadelphia, PA); Ramy el-Etreby, Independent Theater Artist (Los Angeles, CA); Hannah Kauffmann, Artistic Director, Tricklock Company (Albuquerque, NM); Jennifer Kimball, Independent Theater Technician & Managing Director, Essential Theatre (Atlanta, GA); Arnaldo Lopez, Development Officer, Pregones/Puerto Rican Traveling Theater (Bronx, NY).

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