Travel Grants - Eligibility


Who is eligible?

• Applicant must be a NET member in good standing; grantees must remain NET members in good standing throughout the full project period (through final reporting)
• Eligible membership categories: Ensembles, Affiliates, Individuals, Students
• An Ensemble or Affiliate may apply on behalf of one of its members
• 501(c)(3) status is not required
• Applicant must have an address in, and the ability to receive funds in, the United States
• In each round, applicant may submit only one application, but may be listed or included as a partner in applications submitted by others
• Applicant may not receive more than one NET/TEN grant within an annual cycle
• Those receiving a NET/TEN grant for two years in a row must sit out for a year before reapplying
• Applicants may not have any outstanding final reports due from previously completed NET/TEN activities

What is eligible?

• Artistic, administrative, and technical/production-based projects are welcome
• Activities may include (but are not limited to) observerships, shared rehearsals, planning, training, and/or other exploration with outside partners.
• Production expenses, production tours, equipment purchases, and publicly-available professional development offerings (e.g. using funds to register for conferences, festivals, or other pre-existing public workshops or trainings) are not supported by this program.

Project Partners

• U.S. or International
• Outside of your city/region
• Partners do not have to be NET members, and may be individual artists, ensembles, cross-sector, and/or cross-discipline
• New relationships or existing relationships
• Must be an outside relationship (i.e. travel to meet with an individual who is affiliated with your ensemble but is located in a different geographic region would not be eligible)

NET welcomes your questions at any time prior to submitting an application, or throughout the review process. Please contact program staff at:

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