NET/TEN Continuation Grants

About NET/TEN Continuation Grants

Continuation Grants support activities to sustain and move forward relationships previously funded by NET/TEN Exchange Grants.

  • Open to past recipients of completed NET/TEN Exchange Grants
  • Projects must take place in the U.S.
  • One $10,000 grant will be awarded once a year

Continuation Grants are intended to further build on relationships that were enhanced through prior NET/TEN Exchange Grant activities. Proposed projects should allow participants to employ new processes and practices that will strengthen their art-making, increase their competency for travel-based exchanges/tours, or expand their capacity to function as hosts/presenters for performance. Applicants may propose to revisit a portion of a previously supported project that was not completed as originally planned, or to embark on a new project, production, or tour. Projects should indicate a clear progression in learning from the previous grant period. Production and tour costs are allowed, but as with the other NET/TEN grants, there is no requirement for the result to be a performance.

An application is submitted by the lead applicant from the previously funded Exchange Grant, in conjunction with at least one of the original project partners. Project partner(s) are strongly encouraged to participate in the project planning and grant writing process.

If a grant is awarded, the lead applicant and project partners(s) are considered joint recipients, and will not be eligible to receive a second Continuation Grant for the same partnership.

Eligible Expenses

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Equipment purchases and publicly-available professional development offerings (e.g. using funds to register for conferences, festivals, or other pre-existing public workshops or trainings) are not supported by this program.