Virtual Exploration Grants - FAQs


Who Can Apply?
Current NET members in good standing are eligible to apply. Eligible applicants:

  • may be an individual, LLC, corporation, or 501c3;
  • must be able to receive funds in the United States;

Will this application impact my ability to apply for future grants through NET/TEN?
No. If you receive a Virtual Exploration Grant, you will still be eligible to apply for NET/TEN funding in future cycles.

Why can’t NET just do a normal round of NET/TEN Travel and Exchange Grants?
Our priority is the safety and health of our members. Many communities are still under strong travel advisories, and most performance venues have not reopened across the country. We are deeply concerned by the racial disparities of COVID19’s impact, and must prioritize the care and wellbeing of our members above all else. We also want to resist unhealthy expectations around productivity and intentionally push against a sense of urgency, in order to support community healing, reflection, and learning.

What Activities and Expenses are Eligible?
Virtual Exploration grants are intended to support relationship-building activities that take place virtually or remotely from July 1-December 31, 2021 supporting physically-distant connectivity using technology such as video conferencing, or any other digital, analog, or communication tools or collaboration methods.

Virtual Exploration Grants are intended for building an outside relationship beyond your ensemble (i.e. an exchange with an individual who is already affiliated with your ensemble would not be eligible, even if they are located in a different geographic region).

Eligible expenses must relate to the remote relationship-building activities, and may include:

  • artist fees/wages/honoraria for time spent arranging, preparing for, and engaging in the relationship-building;
  • other costs related to relationship building and exchange of knowledge, including:
    • research materials, remote learning, and other knowledge building materials;
    • cost of video conferencing services or other communication tools/materials used to support the relationship-building/knowledge-exchange activities;

Travel expenses, production expenses, production tours, capital equipment purchases, and publicly-available professional development offerings (e.g. using funds to register for online or in-person conferences, festivals, or other pre-existing public workshops or trainings) are not supported by this Grant.