Virtual Exploration Grants - Field-Sharing & Reporting

Field-Sharing & Reporting

For reference: Summer 2021 Virtual Exploration Grants reporting materials will be due by February 28, 2022.

For Fall 2021 Virtual Exploration Grants reporting requirements will be minimal and streamlined:

  • Please credit the Network of Ensemble Theaters as a funder of your organization or individual work, and use #NETTEN and @NETensembles when sharing about your virtual relationship-building activities on social media.
  • In order to share your learning and experiences with other ensembles and co-creators, NET welcomes your documentation in any form -- photos, a Zoom community sharing, social media share-out, a journal entry, a poem, a song, or other writing -- as long as it’s one page or less, or an easily digestible 5 minutes of video content. Creation of a formal Shareback for the NET/TEN Shareback Library, in keeping with our spirit of community building and knowledge sharing, is very welcome but not required.
  • If these formats don’t work for you, you can arrange a call with NET staff, and we will take notes that will be submitted as your report.
  • You’ll need to keep a record of receipt(s) documenting your use of Grant funds on file for your own archives; you’re welcome to also share these receipts with NET if you wish, but this is not required.

Keep it simple, bring the joy, and share community! Reporting materials will be due by July 29, 2022.

Questions? Contact us at [email protected] to discuss!