NET/TEN Shareback: Junebug Productions, 651 ARTS, and CAC - Soundtrack '63 Takeaways

2014-15 Exchange Grant Recipients

Junebug Productions (New Orleans), 651 Arts (Brooklyn, NY) and the Contemporary Arts Center (New Orleans) developed and presented Soundtrack '63 in New Orleans. Soundtrack '63 is a live documentary focusing on the civil rights movement in 1963 featuring stories and artists from New Orleans.


This project was a major collaboration between Junebug Productions, 651 ARTS and Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans in producing and presenting Soundtrack '63, a multimedia, multidisciplinary live retrospective of the Civil Rights Movement to the Black Lives Matter Movement in New Orleans in January 2016 that brought together 45 artists, 8 tech personnel, 6 producers, 4 marketing personnel, a Musical Director and Creative Director and numerous other administrators, volunteers and supporters. This shareback focuses on the discoveries that were made throughout the project that will be applied to our future work and collaborations.

This shareback is a graphic booklet of takeaways focused on administrative, technical and marketing components.

Soundtrack '63 Takeaways

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Friday, June 10, 2016

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