NET/TEN Shareback: Live Action Set - Interactive Dance Lesson Plan

Fall 2016 Travel Grant Recipient

Live Action Set (Minneapolis, MN) visited Radiant IRIS (Los Angeles, CA) for a weeklong workshop to combine interactive live performance, design and tech using emergent digital and virtual technology. Together, they explored augmenting dancers' movements with a play of light and shadow using elements of motion capture, tracking and projection.


Interactive Dance is a fairly new type of performance--Live Action Set originally devloped the work through a NET/TEN Travel Grant that allowed us to partner with Jeff Wirth of Interactive Playlab, a master of interactive acting techniques. Since then, we spent six months developing a full show of interactive dance for a weeklong run in Minneapolis, continued training our own ensemble, and, thanks to another NET/TEN Travel Grant, were able to collaborate with a new set of performers in LA. With this came a herculean task--how do we boil down what we’ve learned and developed in six months into a one-week crash course on interactive dance? What follows is a three-day lesson plan that ensembles can use to begin learning interactive dance.

- Live Action Set

Download "Interactive Dance Lesson Plan" below:

Some vocabulary used is defined in the glossary that Live Action Set developed after our first NET/TEN Travel Grant on this subject.



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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

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