AntiGravity Performance Project

About Antigravity Performance Project

Antigravity Performance Project is a devising company with a creative aesthetic rooted in play, ensemble, movement, music, and performance text. As an interstate company, Antigravity makes work in RI, PA, and NY led by Kym Moore (Providence, RI), Francesca Montanile Lyons (Philadelphia), and Michael T. Williams (New York City).

Co-Artistic Directors:
Kym Moore, Michael T. Williams, Francesca Montanile Lyons, Michael Costagliola (Resident Sound Designer/Composer)

Associate Artists:
Kyle Dacuyan, Megan Thibodeaux, Alicia Crosby, Sarah Knittel, Jenna Strusoswki, and Shanti Pillai

We develop, produce, design, and perform each other’s Lead Work, with the hat of Lead Artist rotating around the ensemble and to guest artists. The performance works we create do not seek to be tonally homogenous; each piece is radically different than the next. We create across genres and inside genre-collisions.

We make our works over long periods of time, guided by collective curiosity and rigorous investigation into socially-conscious subject matters including genocide in Latin America, mental illness and the construction of female “hysteria,” adolescent girl sexuality, and the politics and body ideals surrounding fatness.

We work with actor-creators, musicians, writers, poets, composers, dancers, educators, and visual artists that contribute to the evolution of our collaborative creative process.

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