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Founded in 2006, B3W Performance Group (B3W) is a social impact arts organization committed to collaboration, reflecting and revealing the world we live in through community-building workshops and multi-disciplinary performances. B3W believes that art has the power to create change in any community.


part community-building, part performance & a pursuit to heal from storytelling 

Forgiveness is a topic that artists have addressed throughout time, and remains relevant today. This project provides an opportunity to participate and witness personal struggles and stories of forgiveness that lay a path for both personal and societal healing.

FORGIVENESS intersects the arts with community by exploring the unraveling, the consequences, and the expressions of multiple viewpoints and stories of forgiving.


across 6 continents and within 11 countries

In 2015, Emily Berry, Artistic Director of B3W, traveled for seven months around the world, initially implementing the FORGIVENESS Community Workshops across 6 continents, and within 11 countries: China, India, Australia, Italy, Greece, Brazil, Thailand, South Africa, Scotland, England, and Denmark; as well as in Michigan and New York in the United States. 

During her travels, Emily discovered that creating a space for the expression of stories on forgiveness through art, words, and movement, provided an opportunity for transformation, regardless of culture, age, religion, or occupation.

Hearing stories from different people around the world has led us to dig deeper into ourselves as impactful and thoughtful artmakers on the theme of forgiveness: what it means to us; how it affects our local, national, and global communities; and how it can have an impact on us individually and collectively as a whole. 


From 2016 to 2019, B3W will shift from multi-month incubation periods to a culmination of research on the topic of forgiveness by performances in three parts, both locally in New York City, and internationally:

  • Part I: Forgiving the Personal
  • Part II: How Can Forgiveness Play a Role in Dismantling Systems of Oppression
  • Part III: Self-Forgiveness

Through devised intermedia performances integrating words, live music, new media scenography, and movement, each body of work will highlight personal accounts from B3W artistic collaborators, in response to the FORGIVENESS Community Workshops. 

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