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Buntport Theater Company is a vibrant ensemble of five full-time collaborators located in Denver, Colorado. Intent on creating innovative and affordable entertainment, we write and produce all of our work. Each piece grows from a collaborative process, without specific directors or designers ... we brainstorm our way to any given solution, relying on the combined skills of the whole ensemble. We are the writers, the directors, the performers, the technicians ... even the administrators.Known for unusual adaptations and quirky original comedies, we keep our seasons packed, debuting several new full-length productions in addition to a variety of less traditional programming. From live sit-coms to unique open mic nights to family friendly entertainment to an on-going series at the Denver Art Museum, we offer programs that appeal to all walks of life.

We consider ourselves to be on the fringe of traditional theater while at the same time focusing on remaining super accessible. Come to a Buntport production and you know you'll be seeing a world premiere unique to our warehouse off of the Santa Fe Arts district. 


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