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ETTA International and The Rainbow Players (ETTA- Empowerment Through The Arts) is an ensemble that welcomes all abilities of visual artists, actors, performers and writers to create together in inclusive ways.  The arts is the equalizer.  The labels fall away as performers take to the stage.  The Rainbow Players began as a company in 1999, performing and devising theater for the community and then internationally at festivals in Ireland and the UK.  We have presented at Theatre of the Oppressed/Pedagogy of the Oppressed conferences in Chicago and Omaha.  The troupe represents many different labels that are placed on individuals to describe a disability.  The members of this ensemble reject labels as defining them.  They work with youth to look at the roots of bullying, helping school communities unravel the mindset of bullying and implement practices and skills that transform and lead to an environment for all that includes: empathy, kindness, and total acceptance of differences.  The Rainbow Players under the direction of Ezzell Floranina, founder and artistic director, welcome national and international opportunities to bring their inclusive brand of visual arts and the performing arts to your group and community.

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