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About Fourth Quarter Ensemble

The Fourth Quarter Ensemble emerged from the Pig Iron School's inaguaral Devised Performance Practice MFA class in 2016.  We are a group of five devisors whose first creative mission was to created a play about Climate Change that might move and shake the spirit of audience members.

Fourth Quarter had its Philly premiere in November 2018.  Riding this productive wave and our commitment to kindness, vulnerability, physicality, and to valuing one another as much as any product, the company's structure continues to take shape.  Currently, we are a group of five femme-identifying,  self-reflective clowns with creative strengths in dance, burlesque, viusal design, music, and collaboration.

Fourth Quarter is a new genre-bending play with live music. Part love letter, part cinematic apocalyptic fantasy—a group of friends confront the mortality of their mothers and the earth as we know it, inviting the audience into a space of grief, celebration and consideration of the changing climate.










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