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Gritty City Repertory Youth Theatre (Gritty City Rep, or GCR) is the only full-fledged youth theatre company in Oakland! We produce edgy, relevant, professional work with young performers who attend or are recent graduates of Oakland public schools. We work with 14-20 year olds who are all untrained; most begin with no theatre experience; many have never even seen a play. We start with physical theatre techniques to build skills and community, and our ensemble becomes very tight-knit. Our company is rigorous and provides at least a year of theatre training and performance for each participant, and is completely free for youth and their families.

GCR produces two-three shows per year with a two-week run of each show, performing modern or devised theatre in the fall and Shakespeare in the spring.

GCR Ensemble performers leave our company with confidence, public speaking, leadership, and collaborative skills, and the ability to meet long-term goals. Each develops close relationships with diverse youth and adults, takes risks, and engages with challenging materials. The rehearsal process (6 hours per week after school) has a deep and lasting impact on performers' focus, study habits, sense of social responsibility, and self-image as positive community members. Ensemble offers young people opportunities to connect to each other, to their communities, and to themselves through theatre. Students leave the program transformed, with an entirely different view of their capacity for teamwork, endurance, and the ability to move audiences.

We accept a maximum of 20 performers in the ensemble at a time to ensure that each participant receives intensive individualized attention. Every GCR member is held responsible for the success of the group and the production, which creates pride, confidence, and ownership, and translates into success in academics and interpersonal relationships.

One of our main goals is to increase the theatre attendance of young people in Oakland, as we believe that theatre is a natural, exciting, and vivid community building experience that develops empathy and connection amongst the players AND the audience members.

Please see our website ( for more information and a 15 minute video of performer interviews and show photos and film clips.

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