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A Host of People is a Detroit-based theater and performance company. We are a group of artists who collaborate over time to make things (often events, but not always). Our group permutes, as groups sometimes do, from a couple to various trios, to quintets, and octets, and onward to, well, hosts of people. A Host of People includes you. We are theater makers; entertainers -- in a strict sense of the term -- hosting our audience as we do guests in our home. We make work led by how far we can push our imaginations to shape a theatrical event. We play in fiction/fact/fantasy/reality and place it specifically here/there/nowhere/everywhere; often all of these all at once. As artists the thing we are, most specifically, is the process; that's where our values lie (and our value lies). As we experiment with the form of theater we invite our audiences to experiment with their imagination as viewers. We make our work from our joy -- of questioning, struggling, and generating -- and leave the viewer to bring theirs to it and to enjoy the work of it...or not. We value all experiences. We exist to challenge the mundane --which isn't the same as the familiar. We hope to disarm and, in so doing, to open arms. So, our theatrical events are more like a party, or a potluck, or that neighbor's house where you never feel like you are intruding. They're like the local bar, a church service, a book club, an amateur sports match. Maybe they're like the first day of school -- a little nervous-making but with the thrill of the new mixed with the comfort of the familiar. Through all of our activities we want to give the message loud and clear -- if you want to come -- you are invited. Whether it is in our house, on the street, in a gallery, or in a theater, we want to make our audience feel at home with our work.

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