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Is This You produces live performances by Aaron Landsman and a regular group of collaborators including Jim Findlay and Mallory Catlett. We use language, people, space and time. Some of our projects are co-authored over long periods of time with community members, who may not consider themselves artists. Some combine both approaches. Some works are made for theaters and involve audience members in seats, facing actors who perform on a stage. Others are presented in everyday locations where people perform their lives: offices, homes, buses, schools. Some works use only my writing; others combine original and found text, from sources like government meeting transcripts and instruction manuals.

Is This You projects begin with questions that are hard to answer: how does technology affect the ways we remember? How do we perform power, and who gets to play which roles? Can the person who made you who you are, be the person who messed you up, be the person you forgive now? Our work takes on subjects like landscape, urban intimacy and absence, collective memory and forgetting. In addition to touring completed pieces, we sometimes rebuild them in new cities with local partners.

Is This You uses many forms and structures in our work. There are a lot of different ways to process the world, and we want to make art for a lot of different people, even if it’s not entirely comfortable. It’s not entirely comfortable for us either. 


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